What are system bets?


System bets are similar to multiple bets in that you choose several selections within one bet, but all possible combinations of bets from those selections are covered, with the advantage of winning even if not all picks are winners.

Systems bets are presented as two numbers separated by a slash: eg. 2/4, with the first number showing the type of bets involved (in this case, doubles), and the second number showing the number of selections involved.

For example, in a 2/4 system bet, you would choose 4 selections and click on the System tab at the top of the bet slip, where you would then see your system bets options. The 2/4 system bet is made up of the 6 possible combinations using your 4 selections, so a stake of R5.00 would cost R30.00. Even if only 2 of those possible combinations were winners, your bet would win, with the return amount dependant on how many possible combinations actually win. If none or only one of your picks wins, your system bet loses. When you place your system bet, the amount of winnings shown is the maximum winnings possible if all picks win.

You can see the details of active system bets by checking Open Bets under My Account.

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